Validation of the Baveno Vi Criteria to Identify Low Risk Cirrhotic Patients not Requiring Endoscopic Surveillance for Varices

2016 Journal of Hepatology In press;

BACKGROUND: The Baveno VI guidelines propose that cirrhotic patients with a liver stiffness measurement (LSM) 150000/muL can avoid screening endoscopy as their combination is highly specific for excluding clinically significant varices. The aim of the study was to validate these criteria. METHODS: Transient elastography data was collected from two institutions from 2006-2015. Inclusion criteria were a LSM 10kPa and an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy within 12 months, with a diagnosis of compensated chronic liver disease. Exclusion criteria were porto-mesenteric-splenic vein thrombosis and non-cirrhotic portal hypertension. Varices were graded as low risk (grade 150) are at low risk of having varices and do not need a screening endoscopy. Varices are a complication of cirrhosis, confer a risk of serious bleeding, and can be diagnosed and treated by endoscopy. Our study reviewed the clinical records of patients who have had liver stiffness scans and endoscopy over a 9 year period at two hospitals. The results show that only about 2% of patients who meet the Baveno VI criteria will be miss classified as not having varices.

Pubmed : 27388923