Ultrasonographic evaluation of liver surface and transient elastography in clinically doubtful cirrhosis

2010 Journal of Hepatology 52;6 (846-853)

BACKGROUND & AIMS: Both transient elastography (TE) and left lobe liver surface (LLS) ultrasound may non-invasively detect cirrhosis (LC). We aimed to examine the diagnostic value of these methods in patients with a suspicion but not a definite diagnosis of cirrhosis. METHODS: We enrolled 90 patients with clinical suspicion of cirrhosis and a strong co-existing differential diagnosis requiring further invasive evaluation. They underwent hepatic venous pressure gradient (HVPG) measurement+/-transjugular liver biopsy, LLS and TE. Images of LLS were digitally post-processed to obtain a numerical value (quantitative LLS, qLLS). TE

Pubmed : 20385422