[The liver and methotrexate]

2008 Gastroentérologie Clinique & Biologique 32, 2 (134-142)

Methotrexate is proposed for the treatment of inflammatory disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and Crohn's disease. The liver toxicity of methotrexate has been investigated and prolonged treatment can induce liver fibrosis. Moreover, alcohol consumption, diabetes and obesity are associated with liver fibrosis in patients treated with this drug. Therefore, liver fibrosis associated with methotrexate could be due to associated factors instead of methotrexate itself. Recommendations to monitor and diagnose methotrexate induced liver damage vary depending on the disease. Frequent evaluation of liver fibrosis with liver biopsy is recommended during therapy, especially in patients treated for psoriasis. Noninvasive methods, such as the FibroScan, could be useful for the assessment of liver fibrosis associated with methotrexate and hence, need further evaluation.

Pubmed : 18494155