[The FibroScan: a new non invasive method of liver fibrosis evaluation]

2007 Revue Médicale de Liege 62 Spec No, (68-72)

The FibroScan is a device allowing a non invasive diagnosis and quantification of liver fibrosis. The procedure is based on transient elastography and allows to record liver stiffness by measuring the velocity of shear wave across liver parenchyma. The elasticity is directly correlated to velocity of the wave. In chronic hepatitis C, there is a good correlation between liver elasticity and stage of fibrosis. The FibroScan has also been studied in other chronic liver diseases, such as hepatitis B, primary biliary cirrhosis, sclerosing cholangitis, auto-immune hepatitis, alcohol, steatosis, hemachromatosis with reproductible results. In a cirrhotic patient, it also allows to assess the severity of cirrhosis and to evaluate the risk of complication. It is a painless procedure, with a good acceptability by the patients. Therefore, the FibroScan can be regularly performed, allowing the follow up of fibrosis evolution over time.

Pubmed : 18214364