The diagnosis and management of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

2012 Hepatology 55, 6 (2005-2023)

Non-invasive assessment of steatohepatitis and advanced fibrosis in NAFLD There has been intense interest in non-invasive methods to identify advanced fibrosis in patients with NAFLD; these include the NAFLD Fibrosis Score, Enhanced Liver Fibrosis (ELF) panel and transient elastography. [...] Transient elastography, which measures liver stiffness non-invasively, has been successful in identifying advanced fibrosis in patients with hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Although a recent meta-analysis showed high sensitivity and specificity for identifying fibrosis in NAFLD, it has a high failure rate in individuals with a higher BMI. Furthermore, it is not commercially available in the United States.

Pubmed : 22488764