Stepwise application of fibrosis index based on four factors, red cell distribution width-platelet ratio, and aspartate aminotransferase-platelet ratio for compensated hepatitis B fibrosis detection

2018 Journal of gastroenterology and hepatology 33;1 (256-263)

BACKGROUND AND AIM: Fibrosis index based on four factors (FIB-4) and aspartate aminotransferase-platelet ratio (APRI) were validated with unsatisfactory efficiency. Routine hematology index red cell distribution width-platelet ratio (RPR) had been tried in liver fibrosis detection. This study tries to evaluate the stepwise application of FIB-4, RPR, and APRI in detecting chronic hepatitis B (CHB) fibrosis. METHODS: A total of 246 compensated CHB patients who underwent liver biopsies, transient elastography, and routine blood tests including complete blood count were included. Dual cut-offs were determined to exclude or include cirrhosis diagnosis. Performance of stepwise combining routine biomarkers including RPR, FIB-4, and APRI were statistically analyzed. RESULTS: The Metavir F0, F1, F2, F3, and F4 were identified in 2.4%, 22.0%, 32.1%, 24.0%, and 19.5% of the eligible patients, respectively. The area under receiver operating characteristics curves for detecting significant fibrosis and cirrhosis were 0.853 and 0.883 for transient elastography; 0.719 and 0.807 for FIB-4; 0.638 and 0.791 for RPR; 0.720 and 697 for APRI; and 0.618 and 0.760 for mean platelet volume-platelet ratio, respectively. The proportion of patient determined as cirrhosis or non-cirrhosis was 65.9% by transient elastography, 36.9% by FIB-4, 30.5% by RPR, and 19.5% by APRI, respectively. These numbers for determining significant fibrosis were 49.6%, 24.2%, 21.5%, and 23.6% in the same order. Detected by stepwise application of FIB-4, RPR, and APRI, 41.5% and 52.8% of patients could be determined the state of significant fibrosis and cirrhosis, respectively. CONCLUSIONS: In source-limited settings without transient elastography, stepwise applying FIB-4, RPR, and APRI could free nearly half of CHB patients from liver biopsies in detecting significant fibrosis and cirrhosis.

Pubmed : 28452125