Spleen stiffness can non-invasively assess resolution of portal hypertension after liver transplantation

2015 Liver International 35;2 (518-523)

BACKGROUND & AIMS: Spleen stiffness can be measured by transient elastography. Recent studies have shown that spleen stiffness correlates with hepatic venous pressure gradient and can predict oesophageal varices. Elevated spleen stiffness in cirrhosis has been attributed to splenic tissue hyperplasia and fibrosis, portal hypertension and its consequent hyperdynamic circulation. The aim of this study was to investigate changes to spleen stiffness after orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT) when portal hypertension resolves. METHODS: Twenty-one patients awaiting OLT were studied prospectively, while 11 post-transplant patients were recruited as controls. Spleen and liver stiffness were measured with Fibroscan before and at 2-8 weeks after OLT. Criteria applied for spleen stiffness measurement were similar to liver stiffness (>/=10 measurements; >/=60% success rate; interquartile range, IQR

Pubmed : 25074281