Serum biomarkers and transient elastography as predictors of advanced liver fibrosis in a United States cohort: the Boston children's hospital experience

2013 The Journal of pediatrics 163;4 (1058-1064 e1052)

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate and compare the ability of serum hyaluronic acid (HA) and human cartilage glycoprotein-39 (YKL-40) values, as well as transient elastography (TE) findings, to predict advanced hepatic fibrosis in a cohort from a single pediatric center. STUDY DESIGN: Subjects who underwent liver biopsy analysis within 12 months before enrollment were eligible for this prospective study. HA and YKL-40 measurements were obtained within 1 month of TE. A METAVIR score of F3 or F4 was considered to indicate advanced fibrosis. RESULTS: A total of 128 patients (51% males) aged 1.4 months to 27.6 years (22% aged

Pubmed : 23759423