Reduction of liver stiffness following resolution of acute flares of chronic hepatitis B

2010 Hepatology International 4;4 (716-722)

BACKGROUND: Measuring liver stiffness is becoming more popular as a non-invasive tool for assessing liver fibrosis. AIM: To assess the effect of severe hepatitis B flare on liver stiffness and determine factors that correlate with liver stiffness measurements. METHODS: Twenty-nine patients with severe hepatitis B flare (ALT > 10 x upper limit of normal) were followed up for 1 year. Serial transient elastography was performed at the time of flare, 3-6, and 12 months after flare. RESULTS: At the time of flare, the median liver stiffness was 16.8 kPa, with no patients having normal liver stiffness (

Pubmed : 21286342