Reduction of liver stiffness by interferon treatment in the patients with chronic hepatitis C

2010 Hepatology Research 40;4 (383-392)

AIM: To assess the regression of liver fibrosis after interferon (IFN) treatment in patients with chronic hepatitis C, liver stiffness (LS) was measured repeatedly and the factors associated with reduction of LS were assessed. METHODS: LS was measured by transient elastography before treatment, at end of treatment (EOT), and 1 year and 2 years after EOT in 145 patients with chronic hepatitis C treated by IFN with or without ribavirin. RESULTS: In the patients with sustained virological response (SVR) (n = 93) and relapsers (n = 28), LS significantly decreased at EOT (median, 5.4 [interquartile range, 4.0-8.6] kilopascals [kPa], P

Pubmed : 20236358