Reduction of liver stiffness by antiviral therapy in chronic hepatitis B

2011 Journal of Gastroenterology 46;11 (1324-1334)

BACKGROUND: Liver stiffness (LS) has been reported to correlate with fibrosis stage (F). The correlation between LS and fibrosis stage and the reduction of LS by antiviral therapy were examined in patients with hepatitis B infection. METHODS: LS was measured by FibroScan in 212 patients infected with hepatitis B virus. Liver biopsies were done in 51 patients. Changes of LS were assessed in 29 patients treated with nucleotide or nucleoside analogs and 52 patients without antiviral therapy. RESULTS: LS was significantly correlated with fibrosis stage (rho = 0.686, P /= 2, 10.7 kPa for F >/= 3, and 16.0 kPa for F4. LS was significantly reduced by antiviral therapy, from 12.9 (range 6.2-17.9) kPa to 6.6 (4.4-10.3) kPa measured at an interval of 512 (range 366-728) days (P