Real-time shear-wave elastography: applicability, reliability and accuracy for clinically significant portal hypertension

2015 Journal of Hepatology 62;5 (1068-1075)

BACKGROUND & AIMS: Real-time shear wave elastography (RT-SWE) might be useful to assess the severity of portal hypertension; reliability criteria for measurement are needed. METHODS: We prospectively included 88 consecutive patients undergoing hepatic venous pressure gradient measurement (HVPG, reference standard) for portal hypertension. Liver stiffness (LS) was measured by RT-SWE and by transient elastography (TE). Spleen stiffness (SS) was measured by RT-SWE. Reliability criteria for RT-SWE were searched, and the accuracy of these techniques to identify HVPG 10mmHg (clinically significant portal hypertension, CSPH) was tested and internally validated by bootstrapping analysis. RESULTS: LS and SS by RT-SWE were feasible respectively in 87 (99%) and 58 (66%) patients. Both correlated with HVPG (LS: R=0.611, p

Pubmed : 25514554