Prognostic value of liver fibrosis biomarkers: a meta-analysis

2012 Gastroenterology & Hepatology 7;7 (445-454)

Aims and Methods: Several serum biomarkers such as FibroTest, aspartate transaminase-platelet ratio index (APRI), FIB-4, and liver stiffness measurement by FibroScan have been validated as alternatives to biopsy for the diagnosis of fibrosis in patients with chronic liver disease. This paper aims to assess the 5-year prognostic values of these biomarkers. A meta-analysis combined all published prognostic studies. Baseline biopsy and APRI data were used as references. Results: Only 3 biomarkers had several prognostic validations: FibroTest (4 studies; 2,396 patients), APRI (5 studies; 2,422 patients), and FIB-4 (3 studies; 1,184 patients). For the prediction of survival without liver-related death, the areas under the receiver operating characteristic curves (AUROCs) were 0.86 for biopsy (95% confidence interval [CI], 0.77-0.95), 0.88 for FibroTest (95% CI, 0.79-0.98), 0.73 for FIB-4 (95% CI, 0.62-0.85), and 0.66 for APRI (95% CI, 0.57-0.75). APRI had a significantly lower prognostic value versus biopsy, with a mean difference between AUROCs of -0.21 (95% CI, -0.33 to -0.10; P<.001 fib-4 had a significantly lower prognostic value versus biopsy with mean difference between aurocs of ci to p=".02)." only fibrotest did not show significant in conclusion: is validated biomarker for the prognosis patients chronic liver disease. class="article_links">