Prediction of development of liver-related events by transient elastography in hepatitis B patients with complete virological response on antiviral therapy

2014 American Journal of Gastroenterology 109;8 (1241-1249)

OBJECTIVES: In the era of antiviral therapy, the prognostic significance of serum hepatitis B virus (HBV) DNA level as a biological gradient substantially diminished, as most patients can achieve complete virological response (CVR). We aimed to investigate the predictive roles of liver stiffness (LS) for liver-related events (LREs) among patients with CVR. METHODS: We analyzed 192 patients with chronic HBV infection who achieved CVR (defined as HBV DNA 13.0 kPa), cumulative LRE incidences increased significantly in association with LS values (log-rank test, P=0.001). Patients with an LS value >13.0 kPa (hazard ratio (HR)=12.336, 95% confidence interval (CI) 1.335-114.010; P=0.027) and 8.0-13.0 kPa (HR=8.832, 95% CI 1.092-71.432; P=0.041) were at significantly greater risk compared with those with an LS value

Pubmed : 24957159