[Portal hypertension: recommendations for evaluation and treatment: consensus document sponsored by the Spanish Association for the Study of the Liver (AEEH) and the Biomedical Research Network Center for Liver and Digestive Diseases(CIBERehd)]

2012 Gastroenterologia y hepatologia 35, 6 (421-450)

FibroScan has been demonstrated as reliable to stage liver fibrosis and to confirm the clinical evidence of cirrhosis, primarily in patients with chronic viral hepatitis. In addition, FibroScan values are related to HVPG and especially for compensated patients with HVPG values below 12 mmHg. The best cu-off value to identify clinically significant portal hypertension was 13.6 kPa (clinical study by Vizzutti et al.) and 21 kPa (by Bureau et al.), which included cirrhotic patients from diverse etiologies, not only caused by HCV. However, the use of liver stiffness measurement to detect the presence of varices is not clearly demonstrated.

Pubmed : 22633191