[Organization and provision of prescription of direct action antiviral drugs for the treatment of HCV - chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis and relapse after transplant, and management of patients who have no treatment indication]

2015 Official Gazette of the Region of Sicily 1, 8 (61, 62)

Guidelines for the appropriate diagnostics
To achieve diagnostic consistency and appropriateness, it is considered appropriate that each patient performs:
- The assessment of the stage of liver disease:
- In patients with chronic hepatitis by liver biopsy or liver elastography (FibroScan);
- In patients with liver cirrhosis using FibroScan, ultrasound and / or upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and definition of the Child-Pugh score and MELD.

Guidelines for the monitoring of patients who do not meet the priority criteria for therapy with direct antiviral treatment
[...] Clinical monitoring of patients with chronic hepatitis includes:
[...] - The annual inspection of ultrasound examination and elastography (FibroScan)
Clinical monitoring of patients with cirrhosis includes:
[...] - The annual elastography (FibroScan) control