[Options of non-invasive assessment of liver fibrosis based on the clinical data]

2015 Orvosi Hetilap 156;2 (43-52)

Liver cirrhosis is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Liver biopsy is considered as the gold standard for the diagnosis of chronic liver diseases. Studies have focused on non-invasive markers for liver fibrosis because of the dangers and complications of liver biopsy. The authors review the non-invasive direct as well as indirect methods for liver fibrosis assessment and present the positive and negative predictive value, sensitivity and specificity of those. Clinical utilities of transient elastography (Fibrsocan) is also reviewed. Non-invasive methods are useful in the assessment of liver fibrosis, monitoring disease progression and therapeutic response. Their accuracy can be increased by the combined or sequential use of non-invasive markers. Orv. Hetil., 2015, 156(2), 43-52.

Pubmed : 25563681