Noninvasive in vivo liver fibrosis evaluation using supersonic shear imaging: a clinical study on 113 hepatitis C virus patients

2011 Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology 37;9 (1361-1373)

Supersonic shear imaging (SSI) has recently been demonstrated to be a repeatable and reproducible transient bidimensional elastography technique. We report a prospective clinical evaluation of the performances of SSI for liver fibrosis evaluation in 113 patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) and a comparison with FibroScan (FS). Liver elasticity values using SSI and FS ranged from 4.50 kPa to 33.96 kPa and from 2.60 kPa to 46.50 kPa, respectively. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) shows a good agreement between fibrosis staging and elasticity assessment using SSI and FS (p /= 2, F >/= 3 and F = 4, respectively. These values are compared with FS area under the receiver operating characteristic curve (AUROC) of 0.846, 0.857 and 0.940, respectively. This comparison between ROC curves is particularly significant for mild and intermediate fibrosis levels. SSI appears to be a fast, simple and reliable method for noninvasive liver fibrosis evaluation.

Pubmed : 21775051