[Non-invasive evaluation of liver fibrosis in hepatitis C]

2008 Gastroentérologie Clinique & Biologique 32, 3 Pt 2 (S90-95)

In 2007, the << Haute Autorite de Sante >> recommended FibroScan, FibroTest or liver biopsy for the initial diagnosis of fibrosis in patients with hepatitis C without co morbidities. These methods have to be interpreted according to the clinical situation, keeping in mind negative and positive false results. For FibroTest, hemolysis, Gilbert syndrome or acute inflammation can modify the result. Pre-analytical and analytical conditions of FibroTest have to be respected according to manufactory recommendations. For FibroScan, the numbers of measurements, the rate of successful measurements, and the interquartile range have to be correct. In case of suspicious results, FibroTest or FibroScan have to be done again. The liver biopsy, FibroTest, and FibroScan are less relevant for the distinction of two adjacent stages of fibrosis. However, their performances are excellent for the diagnosis of severe fibrosis or cirrhosis compared to moderate fibrosis.

Pubmed : 18675186