Non-invasive assessment of liver fibrosis in C282Y homozygous HFE hemochromatosis

2015 Liver International 35;6 (1731-1738)

BACKGROUND & AIMS: C282Y homozygotes with serum ferritin (SF) levels >1000 mug/L and/or increased serum transaminase levels are at risk of severe F3/F4 fibrosis. Current practical guidelines recommend liver biopsy in such individuals. This prospective observational cohort study aimed to evaluate non-invasive alternative means such as hyaluronic acid (HA) and transient elastography (TE) for the assessment of severe fibrosis in patients with SF >1000 mug/L or elevated transaminases. METHODS: Between September 2005 and April 2013, 77 patients diagnosed C282Y homozygotes underwent a liver biopsy because of SF >1000 mug/L and/or increased transaminases according to current guidelines, with concomitant TE. All of them had clinical and biological evaluation, including HA measurement in 52 cases. RESULTS: A total of 19.5% of patients had F3-F4 severe fibrosis. HA was higher in patients with severe fibrosis, but did not accurately predict severe fibrosis. TE was significantly higher in patients with severe fibrosis (17.2 vs. 4.9 kPa; P

Pubmed : 25495562