Natural history of compensated hepatitis C virus-related cirrhosis in HIV-infected patients

2009 Clinical Infectious Diseases 49;8 (1274-1282)

OBJECTIVE: To provide information about the incidence and predictors of liver decompensation and death due to liver failure in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected patients with compensated hepatitis C virus (HCV)-related cirrhosis. METHODS: Prospective cohort study of 154 HIV-HCV-coinfected patients with a new diagnosis of Child-Pugh-Turcotte (CPT) class A compensated cirrhosis. We evaluated time from diagnosis to the first liver decompensation and death from liver disease, as well as predictors of these outcomes. RESULTS: Thirty-six patients (23.4%) developed liver decompensation. The incidence of liver decompensation was 6.40 cases per 100 person-years (95% confidence interval [CI], 4.18-9.38 cases per 100 person-years). Factors independently associated with liver decompensation were lack of HCV therapy (hazard ratio [HR], 3.38; 95% CI, 1.09-10.53; P = .035), baseline CD4 cell counts

Pubmed : 19772387