Mutations in basal core promoter is associated with significant fibrosis in both HBeAg positive and negative treatment-naive chronic hepatitis B

2017 Clinics and Research in Hepatology and Gastroenter 41;3 (296-302)

AIM: Assessment of liver fibrosis is important for the decision of whether to administrate antiviral treatment in chronic Hepatitis B (CHB) patients. The objective was to investigate the relationship between clinical factors and fibrosis, identify predictors of significant fibrosis in Chinese CHB patients. METHODS: Two hundred and seventy-four treatment-naive CHB patients (208 HBeAg-positive and 66 HBeAg-negative) who performed transient elastography were consecutively included. We assessed ALT, HBsAg, HBeAg, HBV-DNA, HBV genotype and precore (PC)/basal core promoter (BCP) variants and liver stiffness measurement (LSM) values. RESULTS: One hundred and nine patients (39.78%) had significant fibrosis (F>/=2, include those with liver cirrhosis). On univariate analysis, significant fibrosis was associated with older age (P/=2) were the presence of HBV BCP mutations (P

Pubmed : 27988305