Metabolic syndrome increases the risk of liver cirrhosis in chronic hepatitis B

2009 Gut 58;1 (111-117)

BACKGROUND: Metabolic syndrome is associated with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and cryptogenic cirrhosis. Whether metabolic syndrome affects the severity of chronic hepatitis B (CHB) is unclear. AIM: We aimed to study the relationship between metabolic syndrome and the risk of liver cirrhosis in patients with CHB. METHODS: We prospectively recruited patients with CHB from primary care and hospital clinics for liver stiffness measurement (LSM) with transient elastography to diagnose early cirrhosis. Probable cirrhosis was defined as LSM >or=13.4 kPa. We analysed a subgroup of patients with paired LSM and liver biopsies to validate the accuracy of LSM. RESULTS: 1466 patients had reliable LSM and 134 (9%) patients had adequate liver biopsy. 188 (13%) patients had metabolic syndrome. Histological liver cirrhosis was present in 32/134 (24%) patients. Histological liver cirrhosis was more common among patients who had metabolic syndrome (38%) versus those who did not (11%, p

Pubmed : 18832522