Measurement of the skin-liver capsule distance on ultrasound RF data for 1D transient elastography

2010 Medical image computing and computer assisted inte 13;Pt 2 (34-41)

Vibration-controlled transient elastography (VCTETM) technique is routinely used in clinical practice to assess non-invasively the liver stiffness which is correlated to hepatic fibrosis. Adequate use of the VCTETM probe requires the knowledge of the distance between the skin and the liver parenchyma. This paper compares two methods to estimate this distance using spatial variations of the spectral content of ultrasound radiofrequency (RF) lines, obtained from a probe consisting of a single element ultrasound transducer placed in front of the liver right lobe. Results on a database of 188 patients, including normal-weight and obese persons, show that the spectral variance can accurately discriminate the subcutaneous fat from the liver tissue. The proposed algorithm works in real-time and is suitable for VCTETM scanning protocol setup.

Pubmed : 20879296