Meal ingestion markedly increases liver stiffness suggesting the need for liver stiffness determination in fasting conditions

2015 Gastroenterologia y hepatologia 38;7 (431-435)

INTRODUCTION: The introduction of noninvasive liver stiffness (LS) determination has heralded a new stage in the diagnosis and treatment of liver fibrosis. AIM: We evaluated the effect of food intake on LS in patients with different degrees of liver disease. PATIENTS AND METHODS: We evaluated 24 patients (F=1, n=11 and F> 1, n=13). LS (Fibroscan(R)) and portal blood flow (PBF) (Doppler ultrasound) were studied before and 30min after ingestion of a standard liquid meal. RESULTS: Food intake increased PBF (51+/-10%, p1). Hemodynamic and LS values returned to baseline pre-meal levels within 2hours. CONCLUSION: LS increases markedly after ingestion of a standard meal, irrespective of the degree of fibrosis. Our results strongly suggest that LS should be measured in fasting conditions.

Pubmed : 25769876