Liver fibrosis assessed with transient elastography is an independent risk factor for ischemic stroke

2017 Atherosclerosis 260;(156-162)

BACKGROUND AND AIMS: The relationship between liver fibrosis and the occurrence of ischemic stroke is unknown. We investigated the correlation between liver fibrosis assessed with transient elastography (TE) and the risk of ischemic stroke. METHODS: Between April 2013 and August 2014, patients with acute ischemic stroke and subjects who underwent a health check-up were included in the study. Liver fibrotic burden was assessed with TE in all participants. The degree of liver fibrosis was compared between groups by using various multiple logistic regression models and propensity-score matched analyses. RESULTS: Two hundred ninety-five patients with ischemic stroke (stroke group) and 1942 subjects with health check-up (control group) were included. The mean liver stiffness (LS) on TE (5.6 vs. 4.1 kPa) and the proportion of significant fibrosis (>8 kPa) (9.2% vs. 1.8%) were significantly higher in the stroke than in the control group (all p