Interpretation of liver stiffness measurement-based approach for the monitoring of hepatitis B patients with antiviral therapy: A 2-year prospective study

2017 Journal of viral hepatitis

Liver biopsy is not routinely performed in treated chronic hepatitis B. Liver stiffness measurement has been validated for noninvasive liver fibrosis assessment in pretreatment chronic hepatitis B but has not been assessed for fibrosis monitoring during antiviral therapy. Liver stiffness was systemically monitored by Fibroscan((R)) every 6 months in a cohort of patients with hepatitis B receiving antiviral therapy and compared with liver biopsies at baseline and week 104. A total of 534 hepatitis B e antigen-positive treatment-naive patients receiving telbivudine-based therapy with qualified liver stiffness measurement at baseline and week 104 were analyzed, 164 of which had adequate paired liver biopsies. Liver stiffness decreased rapidly (-2.2 kPa/24 weeks) in parallel with alanine aminotransferase (ALT) from 8.6 (2.6-49.5) kPa at baseline to 6.1 (2.2-37.4) kPa at week 24. Interestingly, liver stiffness decreased slowly (-0.3 kPa/24 weeks) but continually from week 24 to week 104 (6.1 vs 5.3 kPa, P

Pubmed : 29080299