Influence of antiviral therapy on the liver stiffness in chronic HBV hepatitis

2018 Infection In Press;

PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of antiviral therapy on liver stiffness measurement (LSM). METHODS: Two hundred HBV patients were enrolled from four hospital centers in southern Italy; median age was 50.7 (25-75) males were 68%; 171 patients underwent to liver biopsy and 200 patients had LSM at baseline and 189 at the end of follow-up. One hundred and forty-nine patients were treated with nucleos(t)ide analogs, while 51 patients were untreated. The cutoffs of the LSM, related to the fibrosis stages, were as follows: non-advanced fibrosis = 8.1 kPa and advanced fibrosis >/= 8.2 Kpa. RESULTS: At baseline, the median value of LSM was 14.1 kPa for advanced fibrosis/cirrhosis and 6.9 kPa for non-advanced fibrosis. LSM was performed at 24 months from the start of therapy. The treated patients (68% received Entecavir and 32% Tenofovir) showed a decrease in liver stiffness measurement of 1.5 kPa (p