Indirect prediction of liver fibrosis by quantitative measurement of spleen stiffness using the FibroScan system

2014 Journal of ultrasound in medicine 33;1 (73-81)

OBJECTIVES: To evaluate quantitative measurement of spleen stiffness for indirect assessment of liver fibrosis in patients with chronic hepatitis B and to correlate spleen stiffness with liver stiffness using pathologic examination as a reference standard. METHODS: Sixty patients with clinically confirmed chronic hepatitis B (n = 54) and liver cirrhosis (n = 6) were enrolled. Quantitative stiffness measurements (kilopascals) were obtained from spleen and liver parenchyma with the FibroScan system (Echosens, Paris, France). Correlation analyses were performed between spleen and liver stiffness and between spleen stiffness and liver fibrosis stages. The diagnostic performance of spleen stiffness for indirect prediction of liver fibrosis was estimated by receiver operating characteristic curves. RESULTS: Both spleen and liver stiffness increased as liver fibrosis progressed. Spleen stiffness values had a positive correlation with liver stiffness values in all patients (Pearson r = 0.810; P

Pubmed : 24371101