Increased liver stiffness in extrahepatic cholestasis caused by choledocholithiasis

2011 Hepatitis Monthly 11;5 (372-375)

BACKGROUND: Extrahepatic cholestasis that is caused by benign and malignant diseases has been reported to increase liver stiffness (LS), as measured by transient elastography (TE). OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to evaluate LS in patients with extrahepatic cholestasis due to choledocholithiasis before and after endoscopic sphincterotomy and stone removal. PATIENTS AND METHODS: LS was measured by TE (Fibroscan) in patients with extrahepatic cholestasis that was caused by choledocholithiasis before and 1 month after endoscopic sphincterotomy and successful stone removal. RESULTS: We studied 12 patients (7 females, 5 males), aged 36 to 76 years (mean age 57.1 +/- 11.6 years), with extrahepatic cholestasis that was caused by choledocholithiasis. LS was increased in all patients (range: 6.2-18.4 kPa; mean: 8.9 +/- 3.5 kPa) before endoscopic therapy. Successful biliary drainage was effected by sphincterotomy and stone removal in all patients, which led to a significant decline in LS to 3.9-8.1 kPa (Mean: 5.6 +/- 1.2 kPa; p

Pubmed : 22087164