Improvement of Liver Fibrosis after Long-Term Antiviral Therapy Assessed by Fibroscan in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients With Advanced Fibrosis

2017 American Journal of Gastroenterology 112;6 (882-891)

OBJECTIVES: Performing repeated liver biopsies to assess the improvement of liver fibrosis is impractical. The purpose of this prospective cohort study was to assess the improvement of liver fibrosis during antiviral treatment by serial liver stiffness (LS) measurement using Fibroscan in chronic hepatitis B (CHB) patients with advanced fibrosis. METHODS: Nucleos(t)ide analog-naive CHB patients with advanced fibrosis in histological findings (stage >/=F3), high viral load (hepatitis B virus DNA >/=2,000 IU/ml), and normal liver enzyme levels (/=12.0 kPa) (81.5% vs. 29.0%, P

Pubmed : 28374814