Histological severity and clinical outcomes of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in non-obese patients

2016 Hepatology In press;

Although nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is closely linked to obesity, around 10-20% of non-obese Americans and Asians still develop NAFLD. Data on this special group are limited. We therefore studied the severity and clinical outcomes of non-obese NAFLD patients. Consecutive NAFLD patients who underwent liver biopsy were prospectively recruited. We used the NASH-CRN system to score the histology. The Asian body mass index cutoff of 25 kg/m2 was used to define non-obese NAFLD. Among 307 recruited NAFLD patients, 72 (23.5%) were non-obese. Compared with obese patients, non-obese patients had lower NAFLD activity score (3.3+/-1.3 vs 3.8+/-1.2; p=0.019), mainly contributed by steatosis (1.7+/-0.8 vs 2.0+/-0.8; p=0.014) and presence of hepatocyte ballooning (60.9% vs 73.4%; p=0.045). Similarly, non-obese patients had lower fibrosis stage (1.3+/-1.5 vs 1.7+/-1.4; p=0.004), serum cytokeratin-18 fragments (283 U/l vs 404 U/l; p

Pubmed : 27339817