Guideline on HCV diagnosis and treatment

2013 Decision no. 4817/QĐ-BYT dated 28/11/2013 by Minis

"Confirmative diagnosis Confirmative diagnosis for chronic HCV:
- Anti HCV positive, HCV RNA positive;
- Duration of infection > 6 months, or fibrosis phenomenon (identified by APRI indicator or liver biopsy shows imagine of chronic hepatitis and meaningful tendinitis stenosans or FibroScan, Fibrotest shows fibrosis > F2) other than any other origin (Appendix 1) APPENDIX 1 Interpretation of Tests FibroScan F0: 1-5kPa F1: 5-7kPa F2: 7.1-8.6kPa F3: 8.7-14.5kPa F4: > 14.6kPa APPENDIX 2 Prior
-Treatment Evaluation Test - Assessment of Cirrhosis status (liver biopsy, or Fibrotest, or Fibroscan, or APRI) [...]."