Gas6 as a putative noninvasive biomarker of hepatic fibrosis

2016 Biomark Med 10;12 (1241-1249)

AIM: To evaluate serum growth arrest-specific gene 6 (Gas6) concentration as a biomarker of liver fibrosis progression. MATERIALS & METHODS: One hundred and thirteen consecutive patients affected by chronic liver disease underwent transient elastography, Gas6 measurement and, if clinically indicated, liver biopsy. RESULTS: Gas6 concentration was directly correlated to liver stiffness (r = 0.67; p 42 ng/ml identified severe fibrosis with a sensitivity of 64% and a specificity of 95%; the diagnostic accuracy was comparable to that of transient elastography. CONCLUSION: Gas6 is a novel biomarker of liver fibrosis, with a potential clinical and pathophysiological relevance.

Pubmed : 27924629