Feasibility of Transient Elastography with M and XL probes in real life

2016 Medical Ultrasonography Journal 18;1 (7-10)

AIM: Reliable liver stiffness measurement (RLSM) using Transient Elastography (TE) with the standard M probe are difficult to obtain in overweight (BMI>/=5kg/sq.m) and obese (BMI>30kg/sq.m) patients. The aim of our paper was to assess the feasibility of TE in daily practice using both M and XL probes. MATERIAL AND METHOD: We studied retrospectively 3235 patients with chronic liver disease assessed by TE first by the M probe (standard probe - transducer frequency 3.5 MHz), and if the measurements were unreliable, with the XL probe (transducer frequency 2.5 MHz). Reliable measurements were defined as the median of 10 valid measurements with a success rate >/= 60% and an interquartile range

Pubmed : 26962547