Elevated serum periostin is associated with liver stiffness and clinical outcome in biliary atresia

2015 Biomarkers 20;2 (157-161)

OBJECTIVE: To analyze serum periostin and liver stiffness in postoperative biliary atresia (BA). METHODS: A total of 60 BA patients and 14 controls were enrolled. Serum periostin levels were analyzed by ELISA. Liver stiffness measurement was determined by transient elastography. RESULTS: Biliary atresia patients had significantly higher periostin and liver stiffness values than controls. Serum periostin levels were remarkably increased in BA patients with jaundice compared to those without jaundice. Moreover, serum periostin was correlated with liver stiffness. CONCLUSIONS: Serum periostin was associated with liver stiffness in BA. Thus, serum periostin has potential as a parameter reflecting the severity in BA.

Pubmed : 25980529