Elastography for hepatic fibrosis severity in chronic hepatitis B or C

2011 Case Reports in Gastroenterology 5;1 (63-72)

AIMS: To assess the value of transient elastography for predicting significant fibrosis or cirrhosis in chronic hepatitis B or C (CHB or CHC) patients. METHODS: 75 patients (CHB: 45, CHC: 32) were included. All underwent elastography and liver biopsy concurrently. Biopsies were evaluated using Ishak's classification. Fibrosis was mild, moderate or severe/cirrhosis when scores were 0-1 (n = 30), 2-3 (n = 20), 4-6 (n = 25), respectively. RESULTS: Median liver stiffness values were higher in patients with severe fibrosis or cirrhosis than in those with moderate or mild fibrosis (14.8 vs. 6.4 vs. 5.3 kPa, p