[Efficacy Observation of Yiguanjian Decoction Combined Adefovir Dipivoxil Tablet in Treating HBeAg Negative Chronic Viral Hepatitis B Active Compensated Liver Cirrhosis Patients]

2016 Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi 36;5 (535-538)

OBJECTIVE: To explore clinical efficacy of Yiguanjian Decoction (YD) combined Adefovir Dipivoxil Tablet (ADT) in treating HBeAg negative chronic viral hepatitis B (CVHB) active compensated liver cirrhosis (LC) patients. METHODS: Totally 68 HBeAg negative CVHB active compensated LC patients initially treated were assigned to the treatment group and the control group using random digit table, 34 in each group. Patients in the control group took ADT alone, 10 mg each time, once per day. Those in the treatment group additionally took YD, one dose per day. The therapeutic course for all was 48 weeks. Levels of alanine aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase (AST), total bilirubin (TBil) were detected once in every two weeks. Hepatitis B virus (HBV)-DNA and four items of serum liver fibrosis [procollagen type I (PCN), hyaluronidase (HA), procollagen III peptide (PCIII), laminin (LN)] were detected once per every 4 weeks. Abdominal ultrasound B was performed before and after treatment. The inner diameter of the portal vein and the size of spleen were recorded. The fibrosis degree of liver was evaluated using Fibroscan. Efficacy of Chinese medicine (CM) was evaluated between the two groups before and after treatment using CM syndrome integrals. Efficacy of Western medicine (WM) was also evaluated between the two groups using Child-Pugh grading. Results Compared with before treatment in the same group, ALT and AST levels restored to normal levels, HBV-DNA turned negative (HBV-DNA 0.05). Compared with before treatment in the same group, scores of Chinese medical syndrome and Child-Pugh scores decreased in the two groups after treatment (P

Pubmed : 27386642