Dynamic Changes in Liver Stiffness Measured by Transient Elastography Predict Clinical Outcomes Among Patients With Chronic Hepatitis B

2017 Journal of ultrasound in medicine 36;2 (261-268)

OBJECTIVES: We aimed to evaluate the validity of transient elastography in monitoring the antiviral outcomes in patients with chronic hepatitis B. METHODS: This study included 108 patients treated with nucleos(t)ide analogues and 67 patients treated with interferon (IFN). Liver biopsies were evaluated by the METAVIR score. Transient elastography was performed initially at baseline, 48 weeks, and 96 weeks. Liver tissue was obtained before and after 96 weeks of treatment. The area under the receiver operating characteristic curve was used to examine the diagnostic value of transient elastography in predicting and monitoring outcomes of antiviral treatment. RESULTS: The liver stiffness value correlated well with the baseline alanine aminotransferase level (r = 0.33; P

Pubmed : 27914175