Distribution of IL28B Polymorphism in a Cohort of Italians and Immigrants with HCV Infection: Association with Viraemia, Stage of Fibrosis and Response to Treatment

2016 Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health In press;

Aims of the study are to investigate, in a cohort of patients affected by HCV chronic hepatitis with genotypes 1 and 4, the prevalence of interleukin 28B (IL28B) genotypes, the possible association between IL28B polymorphism and severity of liver damage, the role of IL28B CC as a predictor of outcome. 365 patients with HCV infection were observed between 2013 and 2014. Demographic, virological, biochemical, and genetic characteristics of each patient were investigated. Liver fibrosis was assessed by transient elastometry. Mean age of the patients (72.9 % males, 27.1 % females) is 50 years. 91.5 % % of patients are Caucasian, 8.5 % African. In the patients with HCV1 and HCV4 a higher frequency of IL28B CT is observed with a prevalence of 52.1 and 61.8 % respectively. As regards ethnic group, African people have a prevalence of 35.5 % for CC, while Caucasians have a prevalence of 23.8 % for CC. In our cohort, IL28B polymorphism does not show significant differences among ethnic groups and in HCV1 and HCV4 genotypes. As described in literature, IL28B CC genotype is confirmed as predictor of sustained virological response in both Caucasians and Africans. A significant correlation between liver fibrosis and IL28B polymorphism emerges.

Pubmed : 27271956