Diagnostic value of MRI proton density fat fraction for assessing liver steatosis in chronic viral C hepatitis

2015 BioMed Research International 2015;(758164)

Objective. To assess the diagnostic performance of a T1-independent, T2(*)-corrected multiecho magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique for the quantification of hepatic steatosis in a cohort of patients affected by chronic viral C hepatitis, using liver biopsy as gold standard. Methods. Eighty-one untreated patients with chronic viral C hepatitis were prospectively enrolled. All included patients underwent MRI, transient elastography, and liver biopsy within a time interval /= 1 and 0.929 (95% CI 0.847 to 0.975) for S = 2. Conclusions. Our MRI technique of PDFF estimation allowed discriminating with a good diagnostic accuracy between different grades of hepatic steatosis.

Pubmed : 25866807