Detection of hepatic steatosis using the Controlled Attenuation Parameter: a comparative study with liver biopsy

2014 Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology 49;5 (611-616)

Abstract Objective. Measurements of controlled attenuation parameter (CAP) with transient elastography (FibroScan(R); EcoSens SA, Paris, France) may provide an accurate noninvasive assessment of hepatic steatosis. Herein, we prospectively determined the accuracy of liver fat quantification with CAP values in patients with chronic liver diseases and compare the results with those of histological assessment of steatosis as reference standard. Materials and methods. We enrolled 50 Turkish patients with various forms of chronic liver diseases. All patients underwent both CAP assessment and ultrasonography-guided liver biopsy. Results. On liver biopsy, 16 (32%) patients had S0, 12 (24%) had S1, 9 (18%) had S2, and 13 (26%) had S3. The CAP values increased significantly (p

Pubmed : 24611771