Detection of early portal hypertension with routine data and liver stiffness in patients with asymptomatic liver disease: A prospective study

2014 Journal of Hepatology 60;3 (561-569)

BACKGROUND & AIMS: Detecting portal hypertension (PH) before the development of varices is important for prognosis and for designing interventional studies. None of the available strategies is used in practice. We evaluated a sequential screening-diagnostic strategy based on clinical data and transient elastography (TE) to detect PH in asymptomatic outpatients with liver disease. METHODS: Consecutive patients with chronic liver disease and no previous diagnosis of PH were screened by TE. Patients with liver stiffness (LS) 13.6kPa were further evaluated by endoscopy and hepatic venous pressure gradient (HVPG). For analysis, patients were classified in 3 groups: group A, platelets 150,000/mm(3), normal abdominal ultrasound; group B, platelets 5mmHg) and 65% clinically significant PH (CSPH, HVPG 10). Only 3 patients, all from group A, had HVPG

Pubmed : 24211744