Compensated viral cirrhosis: descriptive analysis of 774 first patients included in a prospective French cohort

2009 BEH thématique 20-21;4 (204-207)

Introduction - The natural history of HBV and HCV-related cirrhosis is not well known. The French ANRS CO12 CirVir cohort is aimed at improving understanding of cirrhosis outcome and at identifying the predictive factors of complications. Methods - Inclusion criteria are as follows: histologically proven cirrhosis, presence of serum HCV-antibodies and/or HBsAg, and no previous or current complication. The final number of blood samples collected should amount to 3,000 at inclusion and during follow-up. Results - 917 patients have been included in the 36 participating centres. The main characteristics of the 774 first patients are as follows: 80% with HCV-related cirrhosis and 18.5% with HBV-related cirrhosis; the patients with HBV cirrhosis are younger (52.6 yrs vs. 57.6 yrs), more often male (83% vs. 64%), and have a lower prevalence of alcohol consumption and NASH (5% vs. 18%). The currently reported events are hepatocellular carcinoma (n=11), bacterial infections (n=10), and liver failure (n=3). Discussion and conclusion - Long-term follow-up of this prospective cohort is intended to determine natural history of viral cirrhosis and to identify the predictive factors of complications.