Comparison of non-invasive assessment to diagnose liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis B and C patients

2011 Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology 46;7-8 (962-972)

OBJECTIVE: Chronic viral hepatitis B and C cause liver fibrosis, leading to cirrhosis. Fibrosis assessment is essential to establish prognosis and treatment indication. We compared seven non-invasive tests, separately and in combination, in chronic hepatitis patients to detect early stages of fibrosis according to the Metavir score in liver biopsy. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Galactose and methacetin breath tests (GBT and MBT), biomarkers (hyaluronic acid (HA), aspartate aminotransferase platelet ratio index (APRI), FibroTest, and Fib-4) and transient elastography (TE) were evaluated in 89 patients. Additionally, 31 healthy controls were included for evaluation of breath tests and biomarkers. RESULTS: Serum markers (HA, APRI, FibroTest, and Fib-4) and elastography significantly distinguished non-cirrhotic (F0123) from cirrhotic (F4) patients (p

Pubmed : 21623677