Comparison of Controlled Attenuation Parameter and Liver Biopsy to Assess Hepatic Steatosis in Pediatric Patients

2016 The Journal of pediatrics In press;

OBJECTIVE: To assess whether the degree of steatosis as determined by controlled attenuation parameter (CAP) measurements correlates with that observed on liver biopsies in a single-center pediatric and young adult cohort. STUDY DESIGN: This cross-sectional study included patients undergoing liver biopsy as part of standard clinical care between January 25, 2012, and April 1, 2015, at Boston Children's Hospital. Eligible patients, with a variety of liver diseases, had CAP measurements within 1 year of biopsy. CAP values were compared across histologic steatosis grades using ANOVA. RESULTS: Sixty-nine patients (mean age, 16.0 +/- 2.9 years; 62% male) were studied. CAP measurements were obtained at a median of 1.3 months (IQR, 0.5-3.2) after biopsy. Of the 69 subjects, 23 had steatosis on biopsy. Mean CAP value (dB/m) for subjects with no steatosis was 198 +/- 37 vs 290 +/- 47 for subjects with steatosis (P

Pubmed : 27039224