Community-based lifestyle modification programme for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: a randomized controlled trial

2013 Journal of Hepatology 59;3 (536-542)

BACKGROUND & AIMS: Healthy lifestyle is the most important management of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). This study aimed at assessing the efficacy of a community-based lifestyle modification programme in the remission of NAFLD. METHODS: This was a parallel group, superiority, randomized controlled trial. 154 adults with NAFLD identified during population screening were randomized to participate in a dietitian-led lifestyle modification programme at 2 community centres or receive usual care for 12 months. The primary outcome was remission of NAFLD at month 12 as evidenced by intrahepatic triglyceride content (IHTG) of less than 5% by proton-magnetic resonance spectroscopy. RESULTS: 74 patients in the intervention group and 71 patients in the control group completed all study assessments. In an intention-to-treat analysis of all 154 patients, 64% of the patients in the intervention group and 20% in the control group achieved remission of NAFLD (difference between groups 44%; 95% CI 30-58%; p

Pubmed : 23623998