Co-infection with HIV and HCV in 229 children and young adults living in Europe

2016 Aids In Press;

OBJECTIVE: To characterise children, adolescents and young adults infected with HIV/HCV vertically or before age 18 years and living in Europe regarding mode of acquisition, HCV genotype, clinical status and treatment. DESIGN: Retrospective, cross-sectional study using pooled data from 11 European paediatric HIV cohorts METHODS:: Patients aged > 18 months and 40 IU/L at their last test. Of 97 patients with transient elastography, 12 had results > 9 kPa; this was associated with duration of HCV infection (p = 0.033), but not with CD4 count, ART use or gender in univariable analysis. Of 17 subjects with liver biopsies, 6 had bridging fibrosis and one cirrhosis. Twenty-five (11%) had been treated successfully for HCV. CONCLUSIONS: The high proportion of patients with progressive liver disease underscores the need for close monitoring and earlier and more effective HCV treatment.

Pubmed : 27677164