Clinical Predictors of Silent but Substantial Liver Fibrosis in Primary Sjogren's Syndrome

2015 Modern Rheumatology --;(1-22)

Objectives To investigate the prevalence and the predictors of silent but substantial liver fibrosis in patients with primary Sjogren's syndrome (pSS). Methods We enrolled 101 pSS patients with normal liver function and structures, and without significant liver diseases or other conditions affecting liver fibrosis. The European league against rheumatism (EULAR) SS patients reported index (ESSPRI) and the EULAR SS disease activity index (ESSDAI) were analyzed. Liver stiffness (LS) was measured using transient elastography and 7.4 kPa was determined as the cutoff value for significant liver fibrosis. Results The median age of patients (91women) was 53 years and the median LS value was 4.7 kPa. The median ESSPRI and ESSDAI showed no correlation with LS values. Twelve patients (11.9%) had significant liver fibrosis. In multivariate logistic regression, white blood cells count = 4,000.0/mm3 (Odds ratio (OR) 9.821), serum albumin = 3.8 mg/dL (OR 16.770) and aspartate aminotransferase >/= 27.0 IU/L (OR 20.858) independently predicted silent but substantial liver fibrosis in pSS patients. Conclusions The prevalence of silent but substantial liver fibrosis was 11.9% in pSS and its predictors were leukopenia, decreased serum albumin and increased aspartate aminotransferase levels.

Pubmed : 26587876