Circulating fibrocytes as a marker of liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C

2010 Frontiers in Bioscience 2;(1241-1245)

Surrogate markers of liver fibrosis are needed as an alternative to liver biopsy, which is invasive and life-threatening. Peripheral blood fibrocytes (PBF) are considered to be involved in systemic fibrogenic processes. We measured the level of PBF in patients with chronic hepatitis C by enrolling 70 patients affected with chronic hepatitis C, 20 patients with HCV-positive decompensated cirrhosis and 30 healthy volunteers. All patients underwent liver biopsy and Fibroscan for fibrosis assessment. Patients with chronic hepatitis C had significantly higher levels of PBF in comparison with healthy individuals and decompensated cirrhotics. Patients in the F0-F1 stage had a percentage of PBF of 23.3+/-4%, significantly lower (p

Pubmed : 20515796